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My life in a time capsule!

Very cool app. Will be even better when iPhones can do video- BUT the app allowed upload of videos from my desk PC to the LIveFromYou widget on Facebook. This engaged my profile on Facebook.


todo esto es lo que estavamos esperando ccom mis amigos por fin algo en que podemos entretenerlos conocer mas a las personas y a nosotros mismos gracias por todo y a todos lo que an hecho esto realidad

So far a big dissapointment

The features are awesome. I'm dissapointed that it relies on facebook. This app would be a bazillion times better if it allowed me to connect to other users right from within the app. The help mentions browsing to their website to bypass Facebook, however, the website detects I'm using an iPhone and displays nothing but an ad about this app with a link to download it. Hello, I've already done that! There should at least be a link to actually take me to the website. When this obsticle is removed, I'll try this app again.

False Advertising

Doesn't record/upload video as advertised.


This is a great app. Good for stuff like business and NOTHING. Probably because I don't have an iPhone, I have an iTouch


Great program. Works flawlessly. Would like to see a stream of other users activity. Locality based. Etc... Great start

Great app!

Great easy app and FREE!

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